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How Funding From Paperstack Helped Mesbobettes Grow BFCM Sales By 21% and Orders By 16%

Published on
August 31, 2023
Assel Beglinova
Co-founder & CEO @ Paperstack.

Meet the Founders of Mesbobettes - Philippe Vachon and David Côté-Hamel.

MesBobettes is the story of a friendship that turned into a professional partnership. It's two little boys who as children threw the ball at each other in the yard and who, even today, pass the ball around in their office, much to the dismay of their employees.

Philippe Vachon and David Côté-Hamel have known each other since grade 5, it's now been 27 years. Before being in the same class, Phil sees Dave as "little bum", the rebellious little guy when he is more of the charismatic type, to take up a lot of space which makes him the target of Dave's mockery. When the latter doubles his 4th year, the two guys are led to rub shoulders more closely and become friends.

Their relationship grows and solidifies over the years, but it is entrepreneurship that unites them more. Finishing his studies in computer graphics, Dave dreams of starting his web agency. With a friend in web design, he went into business in 2008 and Phil quickly joined the duo.

Their professional destiny separates for a few years. Phil devotes himself to MesBobettes, the agency's laboratory project. Dave remained in charge of the agency until 2016, the year in which he made the leap into the world of men's underwear. Since then, the two guys have been closer than ever: they work together, share the same office, are each godfather to the other's child, own a building and see each other in the evenings and on weekends.

The alliance of the two guys is also made on an intellectual level. The creative, the calm and the “funny guy” is Dave. He is also the negotiator and the “bad cop” when needed. Phil is the “go to guy”, the charismatic man who embodies the figure of the company. This personality duality takes them further, they question themselves and complete their ideas.

Mesbobettes: Revolutionizing the World of Underwear

Mesbobettes offers an extensive selection of over 500 types of men's underwear, and has expanded its inventory to include socks, t-shirts, pajamas, and athletic apparel. With a masculine aesthetic and a tailored approach to customer service, the shopping experience here is both exclusive and personalized.

The Origin of Mesbobettes

Mesbobettes is a brand born out of necessity. The founders, realizing that most underwear brands didn't prioritize comfort and sustainability while maintaining stylish designs, decided to create their own. Their mission was clear: create a line of underwear that redefines comfort, champions sustainability, and presents a broad range of stylish options for consumers to choose from.

Innovative Designs and Ultimate Comfort

What sets Mesbobettes apart from their competitors is their commitment to comfort without compromising on style. Their products are designed to provide an exceptional fit, minimizing issues such as chafing, bunching, and discomfort typically associated with poorly made undergarments.

The designers at Mesbobettes understand that no two bodies are the same. Hence, they incorporate stretchable and adaptive fabrics in their designs that contour perfectly to the wearer's body. Their collection includes a variety of styles, ranging from briefs to boxers, catering to a diverse audience.

Commitment to Sustainability

Mesbobettes is deeply rooted in sustainability. From material sourcing to manufacturing processes, every step is undertaken with an eco-conscious mindset. The brand primarily uses organic, renewable, and recycled materials in its products, reducing the environmental footprint and offering consumers a guilt-free choice.

Tech-Infused Textiles

Not content with simply redefining comfort and championing sustainability, Mesbobettes has also infused technology into their products. Their underwear line includes pieces with innovative features, such as moisture-wicking fabrics for sweat control, odor-resistant technology for freshness, and thermo-regulating materials for maintaining an optimal body temperature.

Mesbobettes: Redefining Underwear for Everyone

As a brand that recognizes and celebrates individuality, Mesbobettes has shown that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to underwear. Everyone deserves to feel comfortable, confident, and cared for, and Mesbobettes is here to ensure just that. And while they continue to innovate and adapt, their core philosophy remains the same: to make the world a better place, one pair of underwear at a time.

Whether you're looking for the perfect pair of everyday underwear or something more luxurious for a special occasion, Mesbobettes has got you covered. Try them out, and experience the difference for yourself!

“Finally an organization that does what it claims. Real quick funding and I felt the company really wanted to help us grow. I recommend it to everyone”. Philippe Vachon


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