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How Funding From Paperstack Helped Kind Laundry Grow BFCM Sales By 35%

Published on
August 31, 2023
Assel Beglinova
Co-founder & CEO @ Paperstack.

Paperstack helps e-commerce brands with working capital to finance inventory purchases, invest in customer acquisition or advertising, and hire more talent. Working capital from Paperstack helps e-commerce brands grow and scale their businesses.

Two of Paperstack's satisfied customers are Angie Tran and Bernard Law, the founders of Kind Laundry, an eco-friendly e-commerce business based in Toronto, Canada. Kind Laundry’s mission is to create a more sustainable future.

The idea for Kind Laundry came about when Angie and Bernard were frustrated with the mess and waste of traditional laundry detergent. They wanted to create a more environmentally friendly and safer option for consumers.

The founders are motivated by the overwhelming statistics on plastic waste and the impact on the environment and human health. They are committed to disrupting the laundry detergent industry and offering a sustainable alternative.

Kind Laundry Story - What is Kind Laundry?

As a self-funded startup, Kind Laundry was faced with the challenge of financing their growth without giving up equity early on in their business. As a small, growing company themselves, Paperstack understood the challenges Kind Laundry was facing. Paperstack was able to provide flexible solutions to their financial needs so they could continue scaling their business without sacrificing equity.

With funding from Paperstack, Kind Laundry has seen a 35% increase in November 2022 sales compared to the November 2021 sales.

Angie and Bernard praised the Paperstack team for their genuine care and understanding of their company's mission and values. "As a self-funded startup, it can be very cash intensive to keep scaling. Paperstack was flexible and understanding of our needs so we can continue to grow, without having to give up equity early on our business.  The team truly cares about who we are as people and our company's mission. Our success is their success and they feel like an extended part of our team as they continue to grow our business".

By providing the necessary working capital, Paperstack is enabling companies like Kind Laundry to grow and expand their reach, making a real difference in creating a more sustainable future.

Paperstack's commitment to understanding the unique needs of each e-commerce brand and providing tailored working capital solutions is helping businesses thrive and make a positive impact. By partnering with companies like Kind Laundry, Paperstack is providing financial support, and enabling the growth of businesses that are making a real difference in the world.


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